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In the frosty stillness of the following morning
our braves crept up close to the sleeping camp of
the wily Crees9 and lay there on their bellies3
completely surrounding the camp5 until the first
rays of dawn struck the eastern skies.

Then the long, low bellow of a mountain-lion
reverberated through the hills—from the throat
of a Blackfoot scout—and this was the signal for
the war-cry,

'Hie-yah-h-h-h-h-h — Teep9 yeepT — And our
'Tigers of the Plains1 were once again on the war-

They swooped Into that camp like so many
wolves on a fallen moose. So sudden was the
attack that some of the Crees were caught and
slashed to death before they could rise from their
pallets. Others ran wildly for their snow-shoes;
they picked up mismated pairs of charcoal and
tried to fasten them to their feet—knowing that
if they ever got a start on their famous 'speed
shoes5 no one in the North-West c®uld catch

But the Blackfeet girls had done their work too

As the confused Crees sat in the snow trying to
get a large and a small snow-shoe on their feet,,
many of them were slain where they sat. Others
managed to get the shoes on their feet, but as soon
as they stepped on them their feet went through